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A CHIROPRACTor with experience

You'll find an experienced chiropractor at the Maroochydore Chiropractic Clinic. Our team of a well-experienced chiropractor and massage therapists have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and manage the multitude of spinal musculoskeletal conditions that may cause lower back pain, neck and upper back pain, leg and arm pain and various types of headaches, and of course vertigo.

Chiropractic Treatment Methods

The mainstream chiropractic treatment method used in modern Chiropractic practice is called “Diversified Manual Adjustments”.

With many years of experience, our Chiropractic Clinic staff can provide several alternative treatment methods that may be used (or in combination) such as Activator, Droptable and Mobilisations as well as dry needling. These are used when/if a patient prefers them, or age / mobility preclude the mainstream approach.


Our treatment philosophy

Any treatment/care is based on the presenting complaint's severity and how long it has been present. It is encumbent upon any healthcare professional to provide the most appropriate care to resolve the patient's complaint in a timely and affordable fashion.

There are two ends of the spectrum that must be avoided - at one end where some practitioners over-service and under-treat (more visits with less done at each visit to drag out the process) for their own financial gain, and the other where patients don't commit to care due to financial constraints.

The happy medium is where the patient gets what they need (pain relief and improved function) and the chiropractor also gains the trust of the patient who will return to the chiropractic clinic for ongoing care as required.

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Maroochydore Chiropractic clinic is committed to providing timely and cost-effective solutions to many spine related disorders

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