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On your first consultation at Maroochydore Chiropractic Clinic or Currimundi Chiropractic Clinic, a detailed history of your presenting complaint and your general health status is taken.

As many health problems can mimic spinal complaints, this is often the most important part of the first consultation. This is followed by a thorough physical examination carried out by one of our highly experienced Sunshine Coast chiropractors. This exam is comprised of orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic testing.

Your Sunshine Coast chiropractor will then determine the most appropriate diagnosis of your presenting complaint, decide whether further investigations (ie X-rays or MRI) are required, and then advise you about the most appropriate course of chiro treatment.

If we believe your problem is not within the scope of our practice, we will advise you and your GP so that the necessary referrals can be arranged.

Any questions? Please just contact our chiropractic clinic staff via the callback form on this page, or give our chiro clinics a call.

You can reach our Maroochydore chiropractors on (07) 5443 6511 and the Currimundi chiropractors on (07) 5491 6640.

massaging upper back pain between shoulder blades on elderly woman

Heat packs and massage included

Before any actual chiropractic adjustment takes place our highly experienced chiros use heat packs to get the main areas in your back and neck warmed up, followed by a 10-12 minute massage to loosen you up. 

The chiropractic massage is usually quite gentle in order to relax your body for the adjustment which helps both with the treatment and any soreness, but you can certainly request more pressure if you prefer, or skip the massage if you wish.

No pressure for return visits

You only need to attend as many Currimundi or Maroochydore Chiropractic Clinic appointments as you feel necessary. Of course your chiro will advise you on this, but there is no “sales” pressure to return multiple times.

We also do not require patients to sign up to pre-paid treatment schedules.


We DO NOT have a policy of referring every one of our new chiropractic patients for X-rays prior to the commencement of any treatment. Although, if we believe you have an underlying pathology that may affect how, or if, we treat you, the chiropractor will provide a referral for the most appropriate investigation/s to be undertaken.

With the advent of digital imaging, our chiropractic clinics on the Sunshine Coast now have access to recent imaging studies from most of the radiology providers in the region, so new scans are often not required.

In the event that further imaging is required, such as an X-ray or MRI, your Currimundi or Maroochydore Chiropractor will provide you with a referral to our one of our preferred radiology practices, such as X-ray & Imaging.

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